Richard Lloyd, RS Agri Ltd’s Technical Director says:

“Worn knives in your mixer not only take longer to chop long fibre but also cost you money with extended mixing time, extra fuel usage and more tractor hours.

This is compounded even further when you take into account that the blades are an integral part of the mixing process – they move the mix further out in the tub from the auger acting as an extension to the auger and therefore moving more of the mix than just the auger itself.  They will also help with unloading your mix.

Worn blades use more horsepower than new or sharpened blades, so it is worth keeping an edge on your knives and replacing once the scalloped edge has worn away, sharpen your blades with a sanding disc on the lower edge (or a rough file) but never use a grinding disc as the heat will destroy the tempering of the blade.

Replace the blades once the scalloped edge has worn away. I know we tend to put this off but it really is false economy, you don’t want to replace worn blade backing plates on top of the blade cost.  Severely worn or missing blades will accelerate auger wear and result in a costly auger replacement”

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