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RS Silacut

After extensive testing RS Agri have launched the Silacut.  Designed and built in the UK the Silacut was born out of customer requests for a clamp defacer that could not only rake out arable and maize silages but grass silage as well. Based on the experience RS Agri have historically had with the self propelled mixers the cutting head uses knives rather than fingers to cut the forage from the clamp face.  In testing, grass silage ensiled using a compactor was easily cut out, whereas a finger type will bounce off or stall out on grass silages. The RS Silacut utilises 2 hi-torque oil motors to drive the cutting head ensuring quick work of maize or whole crop silages and even denser grass type silages.

The RS Silacut is available in 2 models:

  • RS Silacut 2.5m mounted on a heavy duty frame
  • RS Silacut 2.3m mounted on a 1.75m3 heavy duty bucket

Both models are ideally suited to telehandler mounting, to give reach on tall clamp faces, and to supply around the 100lit / min oil flow rate through the 3rd service.

The main benefits of the Silacut over traditional block cutters are:

  • Reduces spoilage in the clamp face, faster coverage of the clamp face as you are cutting a wide but shallow cut
  • Cuts mixing time in any mixer, no big blocks to break up first
  • Less wear and tear on the mixer, all forages are already pre chopped
  • Leaves clean, cool clamp face, greatly reduces secondary fermentation, especially valuable in digester applications (see before and after photos below)
  • Works on all forage clamps including compacted grass silage, no need to change attachments between clamps
  • Quickly replaceable knives, ensuring the Silacut is always working to its optimum