SABRE 600 and 600+ Bale Processors 

All new for 2019, RS Agri have released two bale processors, the SABRE 600 and SABRE 600+. Both machines shred straw and other baled material for bedding and the 600+ can also chop baled material for feeding.

The 600+ can chop baled material into any desired length from 30mm, it does this with our VariChop system. This system uses knives and flails mounted to the beater, hydraulically operated stationary knives and the beater concave. The beater concave is removable and can be manually adjusted to chop straw from 30mm upwards. At a flick of a switch the hydraulically operated stationary knives can be lowered, so that the beater pushes the material through them. This along with the beater concave means that your animals get perfect length chopped material. 

The 600+ uses flails and knives instead of hammers so that the material has a clean cut instead of a frayed edge. A clean cut is better at stimulating the rumen in cows than a frayed edge.

Both machine are fitted with our VariFeed conveyor system as standard. This system will automatically feed the bale into the beater. If the machine begins to block, the system will sense this and the conveyor will reverse automatically to reduce the stress on the beater and fan unit. Once the beater and fan unit have dealt with the baled material, the conveyor will then automatically go forward again. The conveyor is controlled by a motor driven gearbox and is manually adjustable. 

For more information please look at our SABRE Bale Processors page or call 01256 850777 for a free demo.