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The all new SABRE 600+ Bale Processor shreds straw for bedding and chops baled material for feeding

The all new SABRE 600 Bale Processor shreds straw for bedding

Specifically built for the UK, both trailed machines have a 6 cubic metre capacity 

SABRE 600+

The SABRE 600+ Bale Processor can shred and chop bales using the VariChop system. It comes in RS AGRI’s known blue and orange paint combination. It uses the VariChop systems which includes knives, flails and a beater concave. This allows you to chop the baled material into lengths from 30mm. The VariChop system gives the baled material a clean cut which is perfect for your animals.


The SABRE 600 Bale Processor shreds bales for animals bedding. It has the added benefit of having the VariFeed conveyor system as standard. It operates with knives that shred the bed for easy bedding.

VariFeed Conveyor System

The VariFeed conveyor system will automatically feed the bale into the beater once activated. If the sensor senses the beater slowing down because the material is starting to block the beater, the system will slow down, stop or reverse the conveyor until the beater recovers to the set speed and can process the material. Once the beater has returned to the set speed the conveyor will go forward again. This is all done automatically. The conveyor is controlled by a motor driven gearbox and is manually adjustable. 

VariChop System

The VariChop system uses knives and flails mounted to the beater, hydraulically operated stationary knives and the beater concave. The beater concave is removable and can be manually adjusted to chop straw from 30mm upwards. 

Main Features 

The SABRE 600 and 600+ can blow material over 25 metres and have a 270 degree swivel chute. With its simple modern in cab controls you can control the machines with ease. The SABRE 600 and 600+ can handle straw, silage, hay or haylage bales, round or square – they can process them all! 

Other Features

The SABRE 600 and 600+ have a static combe to help push the bale down into the beater. The SABRE 600 is chain driven and the SABRE 600+ is belt driven. They both have a toolbox mounted in the body of the machine where you can keep the necessary tools for the job, like the inspection panel key and a pocket knife to cut string. Both have slip clutches fitted to the PTO to protect the driveline. They have a manually adjustable drawbar and lights fitted under the rear door. Options include a wide angle PTO and larger wheels.