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Feedlync by Cowconnect is a plug and play cloud-based App & Portal precision feed management system designed to make your feeding experience quick and easy. Feedlync is suitable for all brands of diet feeder, new or old.

The Feedlync app allows adjustment of rations size & cow numbers, working with the weighing system to ensure that the feed is mixed precisely so that your animals gets the correct ration – no more, no less.

Feedlync gateway

Standout Features

On the go feeding

Set up & change rations on the go with ease. Use the app to change cow numbers & ration size, and it will then automatically calculate the required ingredients. This reduces the margin for error in calculations being made on paper.

Stock control

Easy & simple with Feedlync, when you receive a delivery, book this in directly using the app & see exactly how much of an ingredient is in stock & where its being used. On the portal, Feedlync will use the booked in amount & how much you use in rations & calculate how many feed days are left on that ingredient. 

Easily create reports

Feedlync has a multitude of pre-built & customisable reports that can be viewed on the portal or downloaded. Run reports on exactly what & how much feed is mixed & given to the cows or how much a certain ingredient is costing.

Reduce input & increase outputs

Feedlync can make you quicker & more accurate when feeding. This results in less time spent feeding, saves tractor fuel & less feed is used. This can increase your productivity & profitability of your farm.

Easy to use

Feedlync makes it easy to understand the processes, thus reducing your time spent feeding.

Don’t let bad weather stop you

Feedlync allows easy dry matter corrections based on the weather. Get reliable & live reports on feed intake even in bad weather.

Feedlync integration

Feedlync integrates with the tools you use

Feedlync integrates seamlessly with external systems on your farm & provides automatic import of milk yield & cow numbers. 

Other Features

Feedlync is packed full of features that help you save time & work more effectively.
Here are some of the best features to save time & work more effectively.

Active monitoring

Monitor feed intake, cost per litre and more on the dashboard

Low stock alerts

Users will be informed when a silo or feed material reaches a defined low stock level

Cloud backup

Automatic reliable backups of your data, without the risk of losing anything

Real-time data exchange

Get real-time data to the app on your phone, anywhere in the world

Farm data connections

Feedlync integrates with other systems so you can save time & money

Graphs and Analysis

The dashboard helps you to see & understand collected data & costs

Weather corrections

Make feed plan corrections to ensure the weather doesn’t impact milk profits

Left over reports

Make data-driven recipe changes to fight feed waste & increase IOFC

Animal health

Precise feeding data gives you the best understanding of your animals health

Interested in a demo or want more information?

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