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The REMIX range by RS Agri Ltd

RS Agri bring to you the REMIX range. This range is the different products refurbished by RS Agri. The machines get refurbished where nesscessary, thoroughly checked over and they are fully serviced. The service includes changing the oil in all of the gearboxes and changing any parts that need replacing. If you aren’t worried about your machine looking pretty, we offer all REMIX machines with or without a paint job. By not having a paint job, it doesn’t just save you money, it means that you can get your machine delivery to you quicker. We refurbish vertical and horizontal machines, from different makes not just RS or RMH.

If the right specification machine is not in the list below, we can change the types of elevator/conveyor fitted, add extra doors or change wheels etc to suit your requirements. Please call for a discussion with our technical department. We want you to be happy with your purchase!

At 20th December 2021 we have a choice of:

  • 2008 RMH WAV 20 with front R/H & rear doors
  • 2010 RMH Mixell 12 with R/H side door & 1.0m chain & slat elevator
  • 2021 RS EVO-MIX 14 with front cross conveyor & 1.0m R/H elevator

Machines coming back in for refurb and resale in coming months:

  • 2016 RS Evolution 16 with R/H & L/H side doors & tub magnet
  • RMH WAV 16 with front cross conveyor & 1.0m R/H elevator
  • RS Evolution 16 with front cross conveyor

Refurbished mixers are also available on contract hire – for shorter periods of time or on longer term arrangements.

Used sweepers/bedders/rakes

  • None available at present, good deals on new available

Used straw choppers/bale processors

  • 2015 Teagle 8550 DualChop
Please call 01256 850777 or email for specific details of these machines

Finished product

In the build process