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We at RS Agri don’t just sell new machinery, we also specialise in the repair & refurbishment of used diet feeders. RS Agri bring to you the REMIX diet feeder range, this is a refurbished diet feeder by RS Agri. All machines get thoroughly checked over, refurbished where necessary & fully serviced. The service includes changing the oil in all of the gearboxes and changing any parts that need replacing. If you aren’t worried about your machine looking pretty, we offer all REMIX diet feeders with or without a paint job. By not having a paint job, it doesn’t just save you money, it means that you can get your diet feeder delivered to you quicker.

We refurbish different brands of vertical & horizontal diet feeders, not just RS Agri or RMH. If the perfect specification for a diet feeder is not in the list below, we can do minor changes for example changing the type of conveyor/elevator fitted, change wheels, ETC, to suit your requirements. Please call for a discussion with our technical department. We want you to be happy with your purchase!

In the build process

Sandblasting refurbished diet feeder

Finished product

REMIX 24 refurbished diet feeder

Current Refurbished Diet Feeder Stock

We are currently going through our refurbished machines stock, so not every machine is shown. However as of 05/06/2024, below are the machines that we currently have in stock and are going through refurbishment. This list is updated every month.

Looking for more information on refurbished machines?

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