“Has transferred our little beef unit”

After being kicked in the chest by one of my beef animals, I lost stamina and had two choices – look for something to help or give up, as I was finding it very hard work to feed. I thought a mixer would help as I could now weigh concentrates as well. I rang RS Agri and realised that this would be a big investment for us, but one that would hopefully bring benefits. Choosing to have a refurbished mixer to start with I decided to go for it!

Well what a good decision. I am surprised with the difference the mixer has made. I fed exactly the same diet as the last year and the only difference was using the mixer. Normally we finish cattle at 28/29 months, but our chap who takes cattle looked at the 21 months group and said they looked so good he said 16 were ready to go and was happy to take them.

It was a much easier system for me. It’s nice to work with the machine full, I can mix and put it all out in one go, then push up as needed. I found no bullying and shoving at the trough and the food was more palatable, easy to eat – every mouthful the same and no wastage. With the higher growth rates I have increased the number of animals I keep, as they finish earlier – plus the grades were also one better. Our numbers have gone up but our time to feed them hasn’t. For the same amount of food I reckon I am between £80 and £100 better off on each animal.

“Has just made such a difference to us”

Tim farms 640 acres in Farnham, Surrey – 300 arable, 140 woodland and 200 grass. He buys in weaned calves, mainly dairy crosses. He takes them through to finish and all go through ABP to Sainsbury’s. He uses all baled silage. He has a refurbished RMH 14m3, re-conditioned and serviced by RS Agri Ltd.