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Built upon years of experience in the bale processor sector, we believe we have designed a bale processor that offers a total solution for processing, bedding & feeding, for the UK farmer. The SABRE 600+ is a 6m³ trailed machine, designed & built in the UK.

We have taken on board the comments & views of UK farmer’s, & those experienced in using bale processors. This has enabled us to offer the best in terms of chopping straw in the most varied of on-farm solutions. Designed & built in the UK to a high specification and using the highest quality materials, each machine is built to last. Using this, and the latest manufacturing processes the SABRE 600+ is the best bale processor for the UK farmer.

SABRE 600+ Bale Processor

Standout Features

VariChop Processing System

The VariChop processing system uses multiple features to process the straw down to between 20-60mm for Total Mix Ration (TMR). The VariChop system includes 84 angled blades & 16 swinging flails on the shredding drum/beater, a hydraulically operated chopping gate with 15 stationary blades & a manually adjustable drum/beater concave. Using all these features, the SABRE 600+ gives a clean cut and consistent results on every piece of straw, everytime. 

VariFeed Automatic Load Sensing Conveyor System

The VariFeed automatic load sensing conveyor system will automatically feed the bale into the drum/beater once activated. If it is sensed that drum/beater is slowing down & starting to block, the system will slow down, stop, or reverse the floor conveyor, until the material is dealt with, and the drum/beater has recovered to the set speed. Once returned to the set speed, the floor conveyor will go forward again. This process is completely automatic.

Designed & built in the UK

The SABRE 600+ bale processor was designed & built in the UK with UK farmer’s in mind. Using our experience in bale processors & with recommendations from operators, we have designed the SABRE 600+ to make the farmer’s job easy & stress free. Built using the highest quality materials and the latest manufacturing processes the SABRE 600+ is the best bale processor for the UK farmer.

Most Number of Blades to Any Bale Processor

The SABRE 600+ is fitted with highest number of blades fitted to any bale processor*. With 84 blades on the shredding drum/beater and 15 stationary blades on the hydraulic chopping gate, this reduces the chopping time of the machine, not only saving you time, but money and fuel.

*as far as we know

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Bale Processor Technical Data

SABRE 600+
SABRE 600+

Capacity (m³)6
Length (Rear Door Closed) (m)4.35
Height (Chute Folded) (m)2.75
Height (Chute Extended) (m)3.33
Width (Standard Tyres) (m)2.18
Bale Chamber Length (Rear Door Closed) (m)1.6
Bale Chamber Length (Rear Door Open) (m)2.8
Bale Chamber Height (m)1.12
Bale Chamber Width (m)1.62
Blow Distance (m)20
Standard Tyre Size10.0/75-15.3
Unladen Weight (kg)2340
Number of Drum/Beaters1
Number of Blades Per Drum/Beater84
Number of Flails Per Drum/Beater16
Maximum Round Bale Diameter (m)1.8
Maximum Rectangular Bale (m)1.2 x 1.2 x 2.8
Min. Tractor PTO requirement (HP)100
Oil Flow Rate (Min.-Max.) (L/min)40-60
Process StrawYes
Bed Loose HousingYes
Feed Baled SilageYes
Feed Clamp SilageYes

Measurements above are guidelines only & may change without warning

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