Why have a magnet?

One of the many options that RS Agri offer with their mixers are magnets, these are important as they may save your cows life. Our high powered magnets will pull all of the metal out of the mix, if there is any in it. Without a magnet metal will be mixed in and fed to the cows. If a cow eats a piece of metal this will kill the animal, which no farmer wants. 

Magnets can either be put in from the factory on a new machine, or we can put it in your existing machine. This is an easy process and will only take a day to do. This can be done on your farm or at our workshop. Even if you don’t chose to have a magnet from the factory on your new machine, it can easily be installed as all new machines have the hole cut in the tub for a magnet, with a metal plate covering it so no mix is spilt. 

Call today to get your magnet fitted, as it is a small price to pay for your cows life. 

For a special offer of 5% off use code ‘SAVE5’ when ordering your magnet with RS Agri. Offer ending the 31/05/2020